Merrimack Garden ClubMerrimack Garden Club
merrimack garden club at Mason Hollow Nursery

Who we are...

We are your friends and neighbors in Merrimack and the surrounding towns, people you know who share a love of gardens, plants and our community.

The purpose of the Merrimack Garden Club is to offer opportunities for learning about the various aspects of horticulture and to promote civic beautification.

Officers & Committees

President:  Nancy Capen & Bernita Desmond
Vice President:  Joan Moquin
Treasurer:  Isabelle Burke
Secretary:  Diane Asai

Publicity:  Barbara Foristall
Hospitality:  Claire Lajewski
Membership:  All Members
Newsletter:  Darcy Labrosse & Carolyn Cline
Community Liaison:  Diane Asai
Programs:  Joan Moquin


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